Principal's Message
Dear Parents,

Welcome to Kathmandu Gurukul English School, a lively school that focuses on providing environment to students’ where learning is enjoyable, meaningful and relevant to real life. At Kathmandu Gurukul, we value each student as an individual and nurture him/her towards becoming a responsible and mature young adult.

We strive to ensure that every student acquires the skills, knowledge and experience that enable him/her to grow personally and professionally. We encourage students to assume responsibility and treat others with respect and dignity as we engage them in wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our program is known for its holistic approach to students’ development that balances their academic works and co-curricular activities.

We have been blessed with teaching faculty and management team that is committed and dedicated to improving students’ learning experience at Kathmandu Gurukul. We have been equally fortunate with our students who take initiative in learning and engaging in activities that enhances their learning experience.

I am looking forward to welcoming another extraordinary group of individuals that will further enrich the Kathmandu Gurukul community.

Thank you

Anjana Khadka
PhD Scholar

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